Friday, February 08, 2008

Arm Candy

This Valentine's Day gift suggestion comes from my sister Elise who has been a long time user of L'Occitane products, the Shea Butter Hand cream is her favorite. At $25 a tube I wonder sometimes how she affords this luxury.

I just got my j.crew catalog and my favorite things were these Hand Painted Enamel Bangles. They range from $58-68. That's a little pricey for me to spend on a braclet but they sure are beautiful.

1 comment:

Be the change..... said...

Ya, at $25 I hope that tube lasts a LONG time! Then again, there is something about splurging on certain products that is nice.
Oh, like most clothing stores, I'm sure those bracelts will be 1/2 off in no time!