Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our little weekend Project

I just had to post about this little weekend project that Chris and I did on Saturday.... and then turned into Sunday.  We bought these "floating" shelves at Ikea and I love how they look but did not really look into how much weight they could hold.  But to try and out smart the shelf I bought these really heavy duty anchors that took Chris FOREVER to screw into the wall.  Of course as my luck would have it, I measured wrong and the shelf was too far over and wouldn't slide onto the structural bars supporting the shelf.  This meant that Chris had to take ALL 10 anchors out of the wall, putty, sand, prime, and repaint before we could try and hang them again.  In the end I love how they turned out, I'm a little disappointed I can't put more books on them (as I have it now it might fall) Oh, and when Chris is not looking the "Pet of the Year" frame is coming down.  


Be the change..... said...

who has a pet?? the place for that is an office away from home LOL
Cute shelves!

Loda said...

it's chris' dog from childhood