Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AeroGarden vs. Herb Savor

I enjoy cooking, I'm not saying I'm good at it but I enjoy the art and the process of it all. So with that said I have been trying to cook a lot more as well as venture outside my comfort zone and try new recipes. The only problem I have is that with all these new recipes come all new spices and herbs. Every weekend when I gather my recipes and go grocery shopping I feel like I am always reaching for fresh herbs of which I only end up using less than half. That is why for Christmas I asked Chris for the AeroGarden. At the time they were all the rage and it seemed like such a good idea. Well... I never got my AeroGarden and it's probably for the best because we really don't have the room for it. So when I saw Prepara's Herb Savor I thought what a great compromise. It doesn't take up as much room but still keeps my herbs fresh and tucked away in the fridge, plus the cost is only $34 vs. $150 for the AeroGarden.

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