Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a....


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I hit 20 weeks yesterday and yes I look huge!! We found out today the sex so take a guess if you already don't know and I'll reveal it tomorrow! 

Monday, February 01, 2010

Will we ever find the ONE!

Please ignore my last post, it seems we may have gotten a little too excited. The seller came back with almost no counter offer to our offer, so we decided to walk away. The house needed too much work for the amount we could pay for it. So this weekend despite the snow we hopped in our tiny little car and headed for the open house signs. The first one on the list was a cute town home in North Reston that Chris found, Chris convince me if we buy a cheap town home we'll have more money for expensive gelato, he did have a point so I went along even though top on my list is a garage and a yard. Thank goodness Chris hated it!!!! It was tiny and had nothing Chris wanted, so he said what next, I then read out the other town homes in the area and the prices, he said forget that, let's just go home. WHAT, I wasn't letting him give up! I said well... there is this one house in McLean that we could go look at, he said great let's go.

As we pulled up to this cute little bungalow Chris said, OH, a carport, I need to drink.... you see when we look at the listings together he plays this game, every time he sees a house with a carport he drinks, haha very funny except it's not because 50% of the homes have one and by the end he's drunk, lol. Anyway, he get's over the idea of a carport and we proceed into the home. Before entering we are very optimistic, Great Location, MCLEAN!!! Great schools!!!! Cute neighborhood!!!!

Unfortunately the second we entered we realized why we could afford this house, it's because the house is only for people under the height of 5'. Sadly this home was not for us or peanut. We decided to call it a day on the house hunt and go test drive cars.

We headed out to the Ford dealership in Chantilly and then realized that we would be near a new development, maybe you have heard of it, South Dakota..... oh I mean South Riding. (Sorry Sarah) The drive out there certainly felt like driving to South Dakota. We decided to see the house first then test drive the cars. We pulled into this charming little home, all cute and perfect with the white picket fence.
I thought, wow, this is so CUTE!!!!! I could just eat it up! In fact they even had cookies for us to eat in the kitchen! Yum, pregnant women love cookies! The home was beautiful and at our price range we could afford ALL the upgrades, wow! how is that possible, a brand new home with all the upgrades for cheaper than the home that only fit 5' people. Then we went into the basement and were standing in the charming wine cellar looking at the map that they had posted, the cookies had almost made me forget where we were, but thank you South Riding for reminding me, location, location, location!!! that is the key to real estate. If you are unfamiliar with the area, Chris is pointing to where we live and at the very edge of the board on the right is the beltway, they couldn't even fit DC on the map:(

Sadly again, this is not the home for us:( I would be spending over 3 hours a day in the car commuting and never spending time with Peanut. Although the home was beautiful, time at home with Peanut is worth way more than any granite counter top.