Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!

Yep, I'm at work today along a few other brave souls. One very talented co-worker brought in today these cookies. I'm so envious because I've always wanted to make snowflake cookies just like this but never found the time. She said she had to wait 6 hours for the frosting to dry before she could put the detail on it. I can't wait to see how yumming it tastes!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The mail smelled like Coffee!

I just received the sweetest gift ever! My old Project Manager makes his own blend of coffee for the holidays and this year he broke his golden rule of never making decaf. I can't wait to wake up to the smell of Rashid Roasters tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Times-a month late

I know I know it's now Christmas and I'm WAY behind but I've been meaning to share my Thanksgiving with you all but I just haven't had the energy to even download my photos. This morning I forced myself to download them so I could post a few things at lunch today. Above you will see the lovely floral arrangement I put together using a new rose called Combo.

My mother always uses her China for Thanksgiving because I think she feels it doesn't "go" with any other season, and it doesn't help that the name of the pattern is called Autumn. I love the pattern because I think it's bold and very different than what brides are picking out these days. I hope as a family we continue to use this China for many more Thanksgivings. She also pulls out her Silver which is something I don't own and am very jealous of. However the serving spoons shown above is not her pattern, but my Grandmother's on my Dad's side. My grandparents were artistic people and I think this modern pattern reflects their style perfectly.

My sister has started two traditions: 1. Tutti Frutti Fruit Salad and 2. Brie wrapped in puff pastry. #1 was started when she was in pre-school and they were learning the letter T, I guess they made this salad and as a family we fell in love with it. I couldn't really tell you how it's made but I'm sure there is not much nutritional value in it even though it has the word Fruit. #2 is something she learned while living in Germany. You basically just cover a wheel of brie in "pop can" pastry dough and top the brie with fruit before covering it completely. I was very upset I could not enjoy the brie, since I am 3 months pregnant I can no longer eat unpasteurized cheese :(

On to the Meat... Meat is a man's job in my family, before I could take a photos of our gorgeous turkey my Dad had it all carved and ready to serve. Now normally my mom doesn't serve ham but this Thanksgiving we celebrated it 3 days late due to my dad getting the swine flue, so for those that were sick of Turkey, you could have ham instead, my husband was in HEAVEN, his two favorite things!

To end a wonderful meal we had pumpkin and apple pie complements of ME. YUM!