Thursday, February 07, 2008

Setting The Mood

1. Tocca Candle $36- This candle will set the mood for a romatic night with your someone special. Architect Design introduced me to this luxury, Cleopatra is both our favorite sent.

2. Godiva $95- I've always been a huge fan of Godiva but I usually only buy it after the holiday has passed when it's %50 off, so to get this on the actual holiday would be a huge treat for me!

3. Pump'em Up $28- Yes, I have small lips and anything that is going to make them look bigger and more kissable is a great gift!

4. Massage Oil by Bath and Body $16- I can't think of a better way to end the evening, giving each other a massage. This is one of my favorite oils and it smells delicious.

1 comment:

Be the change..... said...

Yes, I do love that candle, you'll have to check out my new OTHER favorite next time you're over.
godiva is owned by pepperidge farm ( yes, really ) and their outlet near my parents house has godiva for like 75% off! it's awesome!