Friday, August 06, 2010

Welcome Virginia Abigail

She's here! She came on July 3rd at 2:49 am, which yes... that means she's more than a month old! She was a big baby at 9lbs 8 oz and with the great support of my coach (my loving husband) we made it through 9 hours of labor with no drugs. Chris and I took 12 weeks of The Bradley Method to prepare for the birth, but no matter how many classes you take, nothing prepares you for that moment when they hand you your baby and your whole world changes. I am loving motherhood and we feel so blessed to have Virginia in our life, some mornings I'll spend the whole morning just snuggling up with her in bed thinking how did I get so lucky to have this little angel in my life.

At 5 days old we got these photos taken by LitteMoonPhotography. It's amazing how much she has changed in the past month, I'll make sure to post more photos later.