Monday, March 29, 2010

Third Trimester-27 Weeks

I'm 2/3 of the way through! And this weekend we went and picked up the crib (not by choice but PB called and was like can you come get this out of our wharehouse) Surprisingly we can't fit a baby in the car but we can fit the crib box in the car. For now the boxes will be hanging out in our living room until the big move. I can't wait to start sharing the progress of the nursery, we only have 3 months left to pull it off.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is Here!!

The center piece I made for my sister's House Warming Party.

One of my favorite spring flowers is the Daffodil, my mother always had them growing outside our home and I love driving down the highways seeing them in huge masses.  They are surprisingly very inexpensive, even cheaper than carnations yet I think they look so elegant.  The arrangement above was made out of 100 stems from Trader Joe's which cost me a total of $15, that's $1.50 a bunch!!!  

I actually purchased 150 not knowing exactly how many I would need but it worked out great because there were still 30-40 that didn't open all the way, once they finish opening I'm going to put them on my nightstand.  

I covered a trifle dish with chicken wire to help me form the dome shape. 

And then worked my way around with flowers until I got to the top, it was very simple!  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We found Peanut a HOME

We put an offer on a house on Tuesday and it's now official, they accepted!!!! Chris and I are very excited about this home and we can't wait to be rocking our baby on the front porch this summer. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the inspection and appraisal go smoothly.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ms. Peanut's "room"

A couple of weekends ago I was warned by a mother with a 1 month old that it would take 3 months to order a crib. I was in shock and didn't believe her until we went to Buy Buy Baby and sure enough they said 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Let's just say we left from that store feeling overwhelmed and having no clue what we wanted. The following week I received the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and saw this adorable crib for a great price!!! This weekend we ventured out to the actual store to check out the quality and we ended up purchasing both the crib and changing table!!! and they had both in stock! (take that new mom who waited 3 months for hers) the only problem is.... remember that tiny car we have... and that 1 bedroom we live in.... transporting and storing was a factor we didn't plan on. For now they are holding the furniture at the store until we are ready to pick it up. Peanut, I hope we get a home soon so I can set up your adorable crib!.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cupcakes and Happiness

Dear Ms. Peanut,
Now that we know you are a girl I've had so much fun imaging how life is going to be with the 3 of us. You are going to be our little princess and Daddy's little girl and we are so excited that we get to meet you in only a few months.... Ahhhhhh only a few months until you get here and I feel like we have made no progress. We just found out today that we didn't get the house we thought we were going to bring you home to and I'm just afraid we are running out time before you get here. Please know your Dad and I are trying hard and even if your stroller is on backorder or we can't find a daycare without a year waitlist we will still love you no matter what. When I felt down today about how behind we are, I went to Oh Happy Day's blog and saw these adorable cupcake kits, I couldn't help but think, someday I'll be able to make them for you and you will just smile back and say "thanks mom, i love you" and it won't matter what house we are in or what stroller you got pushed around in, I'll just look at you and think I'm the luckest girl ever to have you in my life.
I already love you so much