Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting Antsy

I've been getting very anxious about spring and planting flowers and today's snow storm was a gentle reminder that it is still a ways away.  

To get me in the mood for spring last month I went to American Meadows and ordered a whole bunch of spring bulbs.  While at the site they were having a huge sale on Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs and I couldn't resist. They are now in full bloom and smell great! 

I also want to point out my cupcake calendar, which was a great birthday gift.  If I can make it to the store I might make the suggested mini baked cheesecakes. Yumm. 


ArchitectDesign said...

everytime i grow paperwhites I can't get the stems to stand up straight like yours, they fall over......whats the secret? Why do I have black thumbs?

Loda said...

The key is to rotate them everyday. The stems grow toward the light, so if you rotate the stems away from the window they will correct themselves. I know it's a pain but it works. On really sunny days I would come home and they were all bent over. Also you can tie the stems with a ribbon to hold them up, I had a ribbon on mine for about 3 days now they are standing up fine on their own.

Athenaeus said...

I have the same problem where they get too tall and gangly. I've tried gin in the water, rotating, ties, stakes, etc. I finally gave up and have been growing them in a 30 inch high vase that's 12 inches in diameter. They still fall over, but now the vase catches them.

Aimee said...

Love the shout out to the calendar...I'm so glad you like it :) :)