Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby steps

My younger sister just moved into her first real apartment, (college doesn't count) and she had me over for dinner on Monday to check it out. I was very impressed, it's located in a prime location, in a hip new luxury building, and has lots of space (I'm jealous) However at the moment it still has that college feel and being the older "architect" sister I can't help myself but want to HELP her. I gave her a few suggestions on Monday but it was only received by the usual eye roll and whatever Laura, we don't want to do that much work. Ok... so that got me thinking, how can I help her without the work.... like painting and completely going over board. So I decided we will start small... with throw pillows. Her roommate has donated the couch, which is a forest green leather couch from the 60's, it's in great shape but it needs some attention. I think pillows are always a great way to start and help you define a color scheme. Here are few of my pics: Let me know which one is your favorite.

This pillow highlights fun and bright colors.

For a more monotoned and modern look I like the green one.

This one is more traditional in style but still gives her fun colors to work with.

White will help make the couch not look so dark and heavy, I'm loving this whimsical design.

A little retro but would compliment the forest green nicely.


Elise said...

the couch is not from the 60s! that is a lie!

JewBoy said...

I've always loved your pillows.

Ranchel said...

I like the yellow polka dot one- elise and her roomie are young and not feeling all the mommy floral ones. Also I have two great black and white cb2 pillows I could donate if she is interested, they look similiar to this:

ArchitectDesign said...

oh -throw pillows are the best way to liven up anyplace! You can just buy lots of fun random covers too and change them out now and then! They don't have to neccesarily match either -have fun with it!