Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 for 1 post

So remember this post.  I'm sure you were all wondering when I was ever going to get that mess cleaned up.  Well TaDa here it is along with an arrangement I did for a church last Sunday.  The floral arrangement was extra special to me because it was placed in memory of my best friends dad who passed away February 14th, 2004. He was a great guy and I have many memories of Mr. G joking around with us, he will always be with us in spirit.  

The cabinet was a huge splurge, (jk) It's from my favorite store that I love to hate.  The bottom drawer pulls out as a filling cabinet and the top is open to whatever I want to put in it.  I'm loving it, except for the legs. Maybe I'll replace them one day with something not so commercial looking. 


ArchitectDesign said...

wow those flowers are amazing! The cabinet is super cute, very you with the frosted glass doors with design on them -but i agree about the legs. Maybe paint them for now so they fade away?

Elise said...

pretty flowers! you should also blog about the baptism flowers you did!