Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Need

I never thought I would actually be NEEDING a bar cart, but I have found myself searching high and low for the perfect one.  Chris and I love to BBQ and eat on the roof deck of our building but getting all the food and everything else up there is a big pain.  A cart is the perfect solution but finding the perfect combination of stylish, practicality and economical is proving to be difficult.

Love the look of this one, but how many times can we take it up to the roof before it falls apart.  
Cute, very practical for outdoors and grilling but it wouldn't look too great with the rest of our furniture.

I don't have to worry about getting this one dirty but it doesn't hold much and at $1,100, that is just crazy!!

 This one is genius! IT FOLDS but can't they make it cheaper than $902

This may be the winner. If I can find it at the outlet the price will be perfect and the wheels look sturdy enough to make the trips up and down all summer long, plus it's pretty.  


Be the change..... said...

I just use a big tray I got at target from the victoria hagan collection when I bring my dinner up to my roof deck. Easier to store too -do you have room for a bar cart?

Elise said...

I like Stefan's idea of a tray. . . Perhaps that shall be your next blog post?

voodootikigod said...

The man bar cart!

Loda said...

I do have a tray but it just doesn't get the job done. With all the food, glasses, plates, tools... you get the point... I need a cart or a house with a back yard,I will take either.