Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beth and John

Last week as I mentioned before we had two weddings, the second one was the marriage of Beth and John in Chicago.  Chris and I were so happy we were able to be there to help them celebrate, as you can imagine it was quite a weekend as we flew in the same day as the wedding. Both Beth and John  are architects which made the wedding really unique, her flowers were amazing and really different.   
The reception was held in Lincoln Park at Cafe Brauer, which was absolutely gorgeous.  Above each table they had branches hanging from the ceiling with flowers and candles hanging from the branches, at night the whole place glowed.  For our favor each place setting had a small box of Frango chocolates.  Chris and I had a wonderful time dancing the night away. Congratulations Beth and John, cheers to a life time of happiness. 

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Be the change..... said...

i love that idea of the flowering branches hung from the ceiling! I bet that cost a fortune though ;-)