Monday, August 04, 2008

Crab Feast

Sunday afternoon could not have been more perfect. Ranchel was in town and planned an amazing crab feast with crab coming from the famous DC Wharf . We had it all, perfect weather, great beer and of course great friends. These tools from CB did a great job helping us get every last bite. Thanks girly for a great afternoon!

I've known these girls for years... it's hard to believe we will be celebrating our 10 year high school reunion soon, and yes girls you will be there.


I would like to give a shout out to two people who brought some amazing things to the party. First my husband for picking some kick ass beer. 

And second to Ashley who made an AWESOME dessert fruit pizza.  


voodootikigod said...

not even a note of credit for the beer selection man, I can't buy a break!

Great job on the collage!

Ashley G. said...

No shout out for my fruit pizza dessert? Seriously.

ashley g. said...

THANK YOU - you are the BEST! =)

Be the change..... said...

that fruit pizza looks YUMMY!

Ranchel said...

Had so much with you girls! Thanks for coming. xoxoxo Big shout out to Ash for a fab dessert and Chris for an amazing beer selection!