Friday, January 25, 2008

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room was my old studio in Dupont. It's been almost 3 months since I moved out of that little place and I hope the new tenant is enjoying it as much as I did. Last night Chris and I went out to dinner with some friends at Il Mulino near Scott Circle. We had a wonderful time but when it came time to hop in the car and drive back to Reston I was secretly wishing we could just walk back to the Yellow Room. Although it was only 350 S.F. it had everything I could have ever wanted, the room was 9 feet wide but the ceilings soared to a grand 11 feet. In the winter I would light a fire in the fireplace and listen to the cars (or motorcades) go by on 22nd street. My window faced a magnolia tree that in the spring flowered delicate white blooms. In the summer it would provide shade and cool my home and in the fall I would watch the leaves slowly drop and let the sun come back into the room. Some day I will move back to the city. For now I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

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