Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Years Resolutions

#1- Get Organized

Ever since college it seems like I have lived in smaller than normal places, when I moved in with Chris I was ecstatic that I was moving from 350 sf up to a whopping 900 sf.  But ask me today and I'll probably tell you that I can't take it anymore.  To live in tight quarters one needs to be organized, my good friend Architect Design has mastered this, me not so much.  

I've been wanting to organize this wall behind my desk. 

Go ahead and gasp, I know it's bad. (That lovely plant is my marriage plant, given to us at our wedding from Chris's parents, I'm happy it is growing so big but I really don't know what to do with it.) And look at all those papers, I need some sort of file cabinet and storage.  

I've had this lovely pottery barn magazine cut out behind me for almost 6 months, it's my inspiration, it's what I would LOVE.  However the ones from PB are too deep ( I won't be able to sit at my desk) 

Here are a few of my other options I'm been looking into. 

Loving the price of this one from Target 

Loving this one from Ikea because you can close the doors.

Not loving this system from Container Store but I'm thinking it may be an option.  

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ArchitectDesign said...

I like the container store one -it would be prettier once you put all your stuff on it! Plus you can always reuse it and get more pieces in another house -it's more flexible.
I hide my disorder well ;-)