Friday, March 28, 2008

String Ball

As promised, here is my version of the string ball. I had forgotten that I made mine really dense, I think it would be fun to go back and do this again and actually make a light out of it.

When I saw these lights on HouseMartin's blog today memories from architecture school came rushing back. I actually made one of these in architecture school. It took weeks to master the skill but basically I took a large plastic children's ball, wrapped it with white sewing string and then sprayed it with starch. I then cut a small hole in the top, and pulled small pieces of the ball out. My mother thought it was the most ridiculous thing she ever saw, I think they are beautiful. When I get home tonight I will post a picture of the verson I made.


Be the change..... said...

oh those are really cool! Would just a big balloon work? I guess that would be more oval shaped.

Loda said...

I tried a ballon but you are right, you don't get a perfect circle.