Sunday, March 09, 2008

1024 Photos

I have been in denial for awhile now that I still had a few more wedding things to attend to.  I felt so overwhelmed with the entire wedding process that when it was all over I never wanted to think about another wedding task ever again.  But this weekend I decided it was time to Bride up and finish my wedding duties.  First I took my dress to the cleaners and was in SHOCK with how much it was going to cost,  apparently I had partied a little harder than other girls and it was going to take some extra attention.  Next I moved onto the wedding album, our photographer took some amazing photos but how on earth am I suppose to pick my favorite 60 out of 1024.  I have spent most of the day sorting the good and the bad and I am not even half way done but for sure this photo will make it into the album.  


Be the change..... said...

what an amazing photo! Thats a 'framer' for sure!

Aimee said...

Okay so I'm just about a year and five months past my wedding and I STILL haven't done my album!! You're way ahead of the curve :)