Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Masterbath Renovation

It's DONE!!! and it only took us TWO years to get started. When Chris and I purchased this house we knew the first thing we wanted to remodel was the master bathroom and of course being an architect I saw the potential and was constantly rethinking how I was going to change it.  Finally I picked up the phone and called a contractor, I knew this is what I would need to push me to get the drawings done and work out the details.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I used a free online program to draw the plans, since I no longer practice architecture I don't have access to AutoCAD, overall the program was great, not perfect but it got the job done.
Permit Drawings- Entire second floor
Permit Drawings- Details drawings
The before bathroom was small and cramped and had a lovely 80's clamshell sink!  The only nice thing it had going for it was the window, which was a little bit of a challenge to work around.  
View from bedroom- the "nook" use to have a sink there but the previous owner took it out.

Chris sealing up the bedroom
The entire construction only took 23 working days but our contractor told us two weeks.  We knew to anticipate longer since they usually always go over, I also selected harder materials to work with, like my mosaic floor tile which may have extended the job a little longer from when we originally talked timeline.  We lived in our guest bedroom for most of it since our closet had to be emptied, we couldn't wait for the day we could move back to our own bed, we now feel sorry for our guests, I guess it's time for a mattress upgrade for that room.
Demo day was exciting!

Moving plumbing around

Studs going in- we bumped into our bedroom

Inspecting progress

Ooo Lala- tile going in! 

Kitchen ceiling exposed to move ducts

Looking into bedroom


I went on a massive marble hunt for the countertop
Shower door sketches- This was one of the largest investsments

We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.  The reason it took me so long to post photos is because this mirror from Pottery Barn was on backorder for months, yes I was still blowdrying my hair and doing my make up in the guest bathroom up until now.  We are so happy to finally have this project complete!  

Double Sinks with low flow faucets.


The window was required to be tempered by code so we changed 
it from a double hung to a casement.

The vanity is from Amicus Green Building Center
It is made from wood harvested from a renewable forest.

The toilet is tucked behind the shower for privacy.  Unfortunately it is not duel flush, the reviews on duel flush just didn't convince me it would flush #2 completely.  It is however one of the best low flow toilets on the market. 


Jess Anderson said...

It's beautiful, Laura! Congratulations! :)

carla said...

love your tile combo choices Laura! Job well done!

Aimee said...

Gorgeous!! It came out amazing...hope you enjoy it :)

Sarah Jones said...

it looks great! the drafting program looks similar to our testing program! i especially love your tile choices! :)