Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Williams go to Jersey

Third time is a charm.

Williams & Kaufmans - 2008

When our friends announced three years ago that they were moving back home to Jersey we were sad to say good bye but promised we would come visit soon.  Soon turned into two years later and still no visit.  We knew we needed to get something on the calendar so three months in advance we scheduled a trip in August.  We were all ready to go and then Huricane Irene showed up and we had to cancel.  That's ok we said we'll reschedule for October and then a freak snow storm hit.  Really!  I was starting to think the universe wasn't on our side here but we were determined to make it up there. I knew I would be in NYC in March for a Floral Design conference (more of that to come) so I suggested we come the weekend before and then I would head into the city. 

We made it!... after 7.5 hours of sitting in DC/Nova traffic...Baltimore traffic and then Philly traffic we arrive at the Kaufman's casa!  Hooray!  

After enjoying NY bagels for breakfast we headed off to the park.   Virginia had a great time swinging on these awesome swings!

Then it was off to have lunch and take a tour of their town, Ramsey. This town couldn't get any more cute, railroad and all!

Aimee and Adam took us to their favorite sandwich shop, Porto Alegre Cafe
...and then we made a stop at the local cupcake shop, Baked in a Cup

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up and just hanging out like old times.  Virginia had an absolute ball with their puggle Rylie.

The Kaufmans are also expecting their first child mid April so the unsolicited parenting advice was flowing as well as a pitch for them to purchase the Ergo baby carrier.  We even had Virginia model it.  

Thanks Kaufmans for a great time and we can't wait for our next trip up to Jersey.  


Anonymous said...

Great times were had, and there will be many more. So cool that you guys made the trip. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! SO glad it finally worked out and that you guys were able to come...we had such a great weekend :) Next time we'll make the trip down to VA and bring our newest Baby K addition! - Aimee