Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urban Chic Says I Do

Last fall after all my weddings were over and Chris and I were settling into our slow season I started to realize that Virginia was missing out on something very important and that was being around other children.  We attended a first birthday party in August where I observed her in action with other kids and it wasn't pretty, she didn't like to share and was very territorial about things.  I soon realized it was time to join a play group.  A friend with a daughter Virginia's age recommend we join her play group, which was one of the best things I've done since quitting my job.  Through this mom's group I met Jacqui of Jacqui DePas Photography, like myself she juggles raising her two old (and one on the way) and a successful photography business. 

Jacqui teamed up with Urban Chic of Georgetown for their "Urban Chic Says I do" bridal event and did a series of photo shoots featuring rehearsal dinner dresses, engagement outfits and bridesmaids dresses. When planning the bridesmaids shoot she suggested they needed flowers in the photos and approached me about providing a few simple bouquets for the models to hold in exchange for being a sponsor for their event.  I immediately jumped at this opportunity since I always love it when photographers are willing and wanting to photograph my work.  I also was asked to provide a few flowers for the actual event at their boutique of which again I was more than happy to provide.  

Not knowing exactly how the table would be set up I tried to keep it simple and create multiple arrangements that could be displayed together or separate. 


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