Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby on Board

Some may know some may not, but Chris and I will be expecting a little peanut around June 28th. We could not be more happy and for the past few months have been enjoying the blissful thoughts of having a baby around until reality sunk in last night and we began to panic.

It all started out innocently with a gmail chat to my friend who has a 18 month old, at first we were talking about architecture but then got onto the topic of what baby stuff we are going to need, I casually mentioned all car seats look the same so how hard is it to pick the right one.... she comes back with a link to her favorite one...apparently there is more to research than we thought, do the straps adjust easily, does it click into place easily, does in fit in a shopping cart, then is dawned on me?..... Does it fit in a shopping cart, how about will it fit into our tiny 2 door RSX car? So when we came home from dinner last night Chris and I started to chat about the car seat discussion I had with my friend, he tried to convince me that putting a car seat into an RSX was no problem until he starting googling what would fit. Results came up as NONE, no car seat will fit into an RSX and we couldn't stop laughing about this one guys comment to another couple:

"Grow up, You are going to be a father, so you need a nice 4-door car like a Camry or an Accord to carry your child around. When you are an old guy like me with your kids through college and out of the house, you can get a sports car again. "

We could not stop laughing, not because it was that funny but because I think it finally hit us that we are screwed. We now have 6 months to buy a HOUSE and a CAR, put on a National Conference, throw in a couple wedding flower gigs, pass an Architecture Structures exam, find a daycare without a 18 month wait list and oh yeah actually have the baby all while I'm big and fat.

So you ask where am I going with this.... the blog has been kinda dead lately but mostly because I haven't really known what to share with you all. So from here forward I'm going to talk about the 6 month road to bringing home peanut. Wish us luck because I think we will need it.


Mom said...
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mom said...

I was wondering when it was going to hit you. Don't worry, you are a MacKichan, you know our motto: "Nothing would get done if it wasn't for the last minute."

Ashley said...

Start a baby registry!!!! I thought about you today and to add to your list, have you started looking for a pediatrician? I didn't know that some pediatrician's visit the baby while mom and baby are still in hospital.

Sarah Jones said...

oh gosh, my 18 month old and i didn't mean to stress you out! try this site out:


it's like theknot.com but for babies... and again, if you have any questions on products i'm happy to help!

Anonymous said...
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