Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 for 1

Bridal Bouquet

I've been meaning to post about this wedding, it just took me awhile to get all the photos together since it was 2 events in 1 day.

I love purple and friends always tell me, I always thought you would of had a purple wedding, no, I didn't have a purple wedding but I did get to live vicariously through this bride who did.

This bride started out thinking she could arrange all the flowers herself. She had already ordered 75 white and purple hydrangeas from California and 200 stems of fressia online and had all the vases and ribbon before she came to me.

To suppliment the already purchased flowers I bought purple listhanus, purple and lavendar sweet pea, purple carnations for the pomander ball and greenery for the corsages and bouts.

One of my biggest things I spend time on is packaging, ok I lied, that's what Chris does, but still, some how we have to transport the flowers and figuring out how is always a concern. Chris does an amazing job figuring out how it's all going to fit in the car and not get crushed, this wedding was a challenge and we almost didn't have enough room, I had to hold the box of bouts on my lap.

This wedding was a hike, all the way to Havre de Grace MD, but with the AC on full blast the flowers were in perfect condition when we arrived, we on the other hand had to defrost our toes.

We first dropped off the bouquets in the historic farm house located on the property, where all the girls were getting ready, you can kinda see the old historic wood plank floors.

The arrangements turned out great but took a little time to fill with water and floating candles. The bride also had a box of butterfiles laying around, no one knew what to do with them so I put them in the flowers, I hope she liked it. The last thing we did was hang the pew buckets and re-fill the water, by then we were hot, tired and dreaming of beer, here is Chris with his, "I"m ready for this to be over face"

Don't they look great!

We felt bad, but we had to get in and get out of there because our next stop was SAVOR!
Savor was held at the National Building Museum, and is a craft beer "conference" as Chris likes to call it.

It had over 150 breweries with over 300 beers to try. Don't under estimate this event, it was sold out immediately with over 2,000 people attending.

Our red carpet moment, and I think we look pretty good considering we just spent 2 days doing flowers, and yes I was a sucker and paid $15 for this photo.
*I was just informed this is called a "step and repeat" I had no idea

The food was ok, but the oyster bar was what blew us away.

By the end of the night, everything looked like this.


Ranchel said...

I can't beleive you made all those beautiful arrangements and I love the butterflies in them. Love purple- so classy and chic.

So jealous over that beerfest, that looks amazing! Im sure you and Chris had a great time and got super drunk- fabu!

Kristen said...

Laura and Chris,

You did an AMAZING job with Linds' wedding flowers. I'm so glad to have referred her to you. I know it was a long trek, but it was SO appreciated by the bride.

See yall tomorrow.