Monday, January 26, 2009

Say Cheese

Chris and I love cheese and are often scouting out great new kinds at our local grocery store. This weekend at Safeway we found Beecher's handmade cheese from Seattle. We were thrilled to see this cheese because it brought back memories from our trip to Seattle last spring.
We are not that big of foodies but decided to go on the Savor Seattle tour to experience some of Seattle's best (We highly recommend it).  After the tour we only went back to 2 places, Beecher's for their mac and cheese and Piroshki Piroshki.  I heart Piroshki's and if you know of a place in DC that sells them, there will be a big reward!  

All of their cheese is hand made and the process can be seen throughout the day in their store.  


Ashley Green said...

That cheese looks yummy! Add a little wine, bread - delish. I might have to stock up on some for my impending snow day =)

voodootikigod said...

I love cheese!!!!!!

(and good beer)

Save me some please..

Elise said...

what is a piroshki?

voodootikigod said...

@elise its awesome .. mashed (meat, chicken, or fish) in a pastry

JewBoy said...

Just because I love you, I am going to ignore the fact that you purchased cheese from Safeway instead of the vastly superior grocery store...Wegmans. Sheesh.