Friday, July 11, 2008

A day in SoHo

I know it's been a few weeks since Chris and I went to New York but I really wanted to post about our day in SoHo with my friend Ranchel, it was a perfect combination between feeling like we really lived there and doing the touristy shopping.

We started our morning out at the Grey Dog Cafe, it was a cute casual place that had a great down home feeling. I ordered the french toast and Chris of course tried their fish taco, which we have now voted the second best we have ever had (PrincessPub in San Diego still wins first)
We then ventured down the street to find the famous Magnolia Bakery and to do a little window shopping, Ovando, a hip cool floral shop immediately caught my eye. I wish you could see the whole shop better but the lady was giving me the evil eye when I started taking photos.

When we arrived at Magnolia Bakery we were greeted by a line wrapped around the corner, instead of waiting we took a quick look at the ladies hand making them and then moved on.

Thinking we would save time we hopped in a cab to get to Room and Board, the driver had no idea where he was going, Ranchel almost asked him to pull over so we could get out. Here is a great photo to capture the moment. You know it's bad when a real New Yorker freaks out... look at her face!!!!
We finally safely arrived at Room and Board and to calm Chris down he immediately grabbed a coffee. I think he stayed in that chair most of the time while Ranchel and I shopped.

One of my favorite things R&B does are these wall collages. I wish I could afford to do this, Chris and Ranchel did the math they said one wall was around $800 just for the frames.

Remember my post on Sabon, I finally got to go there!!! It was amazing!

We finished up our shopping at CB2, another store that DC does not have yet. As you can see Chris and I were exhausted, but were very happy we got to spend a great day with Ranchel and the great city of New York.


Be the change..... said...

looks like a fun day of shopping. You could do a wall of framed photos like that with just IKEA frames for like $100.

Ranchel said...

I can't beleive you posted that horrid pic of me!!!

You have to post Fritz's framed wall paper series to show how he did it on a budget.

Loda said...

I thought i took a pic of all of them on the wall but I only have the close up photo. If you send me a pic of all of them I will post it