Sunday, July 13, 2008

Country Escape

This past weekend Chris and I along with our friends Aimee and Adam traveled west to go explore the beautiful Virginia country side. We had a wonderful time and none of it would have happened with out the awesome planning that Aimee did. She was inspired by an article she read in her Travel + Leisure magazine that highlighted the Paladio restaurant at the Barboursville winery, unfortunately we were unable to get reservations but that didn't stop us from enjoying their wine.

A tasting only cost $4 and you get to keep the glass

After tasting the whites we bought a bottle and headed outside for a picnic, it was SOOOO HOT! Look at Adams face, after our picnic we went back inside to enjoy the AC and finish tasting the reds.We stayed at The Inn at Meander Plantation

How cute is this cottage, Chris and I stayed on the right side and A & A stayed on the left.

We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Inn, everything was very fresh and tasty. Unfortunately I had to skip the beginning cocktail hour and salad course because I was getting over a migraine, but the 4 courses I did eat were wonderful. Here is a great photo of the dinning room.

This barn was just outside our cottage, I took the photo just before breakfast.

On Sunday we made a visit to Monticello, to our surprise A & A (from NY) had never heard of it. I would love a garden like this, I feel like it looks like something Martha would grow.

We ended our trip in downtown Charlottesville in the historic mall area. After lunch we made sure to visit Splendora's for a painters palate of gelato. Aimee was in heaven:)


Be the change..... said...

wow -looks like a great weekend! I'm surprised they've never heard of Monticello -hello - high school history class LOL. I love charlottesville -it's so pretty around there and your photos show it!

Aimee said...

I LOVE this post!! Can't believe I'm only first seeing it now... And thanks for all the shout-outs...except for the low blow about NY :)