Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wine, Wine and more Wine!!!

As many of you know my husband is a huge beer snob so when he came home from the Reston Wine Festival with 1 ½ cases of wine I was in shock!!! I had sent him there with Adam to get him out of the house while I studied for my ARE exam and when he came back he was raving about all the great wine he tasted. I was jealous and upset that I had missed all that great wine, so when Aimee his wife invited us to dinner at a new wine bar in Reston, I knew we were all in. Located in the new Weston Heights, Vinifera had just opened a week before and we didn’t know what to expect, Zagot had raved about the food but didn’t give much detail about the place as a whole. As always Westin didn’t disappoint (as Aimee knows being the highest level Starwood member). The place was beautiful with its high ceilings and modern feel, however it was missing one key thing, people. Besides a large group of Asian travelers we really were almost the only ones there. We immediately glanced at the menu looking for the sample wines or flights as most wine bars call them, nothing….. This was a huge disappointment but after one visit from the sommelier “Buddy” we were back on the right track. We had explained that we came for the wine and wanted a complete tasting, we even offered to pay for a tasting but Buddy refused and proceeded to bring out a full tasting of both white and red. He explained everything about each wine, me not knowing much about wine just smiled and drank, some I loved and others I passed on to Chris. My favorite part about the whole thing were the glasses they served the wine in, it was a combination between a stemless wine glass and a shot glass. I was also impressed when they poured our wine into a decanter before serving it to us, very cool... Here are some decanters from Riedel that I love.


Be the change..... said...

ya - supposedly red wines need to be 'aired' or something - i don't know...i can't tell a difference -i just drink it from the bottle! lol But those decanters are really cool!

Aimee said...

Love this post! Can't believe I haven't seen it until now...such a great night :)