Friday, May 02, 2008

Perfect combination

I swore I would never buy another thing from Ikea once I got married and I think I have broken that rule numerous times. I think the reason I keep going back is because it's adfordable and you don't feel guily if in a month you change your mind and buy something else. So once I saw this sideboard I fell in love. This side board sums up both my style and Chris' style all in one piece. It has the clean lines that Chris loves and the curves at the legs that I love. It also comes in yellow but I much more prefer the black, and if it came in white I might think about actually buying it.


Be the change..... said...

hmm -i suppose you could always paint it -but thats a lot of work for an IKEA piece of furniture! That reminds me of a piece of furniture from brocade home.

Ashley said...

I love that piece!!!!!