Friday, April 25, 2008

Virgin America

Chris and I are starting to gear up for our vacation out West to Portland and Seatle. As part of the vacation we decided to fly Virgin America, they don't fly directly to Portland so we re-arranged the trip so we could fly to Seatle, spend a couple of days there and then drive to Portland, just so we can fly on this amazing airline. I can't wait, I HATE to fly but how can I not get excited about this amazingly cool airplane.

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voodootikigod said...


I am so excited to go and to fly on the Virgin America that I had to comment. This is probably going to be our best trip (sorry Germany, but its possible) (Note honeymoon is excluded from the list, because its well the honeymoon). I am surprised you picked out VA as the highlight and not the sexy Hotel 1000 that were are staying at in Seattle.