Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bridal Show

You won't see me at too many bridal shows and mostly I shy away from them due to the high cost it takes to be a vendor.  I'm a small business and I'm not looking to do 60 weddings a summer so it's hard for me to justify the time and energy that goes into a bridal show.  However last month I got a call from a caterer that I worked with a few times in 2011 asking me to team up with her for a local bridal show.  I didn't hesitate as I thought this would be a fun opportunity to do some design work during the slow season as well as meet a few 2012 and 2013 brides.   

She sent me a photo of the linen her team picked out and told me I could design whatever I wanted.  I often find this more difficult than when I have constraints from a bride.  It was up to me to come up with something that would wow the brides without breaking my bank. To show case a few key elements of a wedding I provided a bridal bouquet, an elevated and low table arrangement and a bud vase for the cocktail table. I tried to stick with simple flowers that are economical during any time of the year, the white hydrangea is one of those flowers.    

In the end I'm happy with the way our table turned out and I got to meet a lot of great couples ready to tie the knot.

Sample Bridal Bouquet
Hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, anemones, carnations and feathers.
Elevated Design
Hydrangeas, roses, carnations, wax flower and kermit mums
photo by Alexander Morozov
Matters of Taste Catering

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