Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Briar Patch Bride

Back in October I had the pleasure of doing a wedding out in Middleburg at the Briar Patch. It was one of my more unique weddings and I really loved how the whole wedding turned out. Please check out Kristen Garners Blog for the entire wedding. But what many brides don't see is what goes on before you are handed the bouquet or see the flowers on the table. When the flowers are delivered all the stems are cut and the flowers are placed in water to rehydrate. We also have to take inventory to make sure all the flowers we ordered arrived and are in good condition. Not often but sometimes they send use the wrong item and it's our job to make sure we catch it in time to have them send a replacement. For this wedding I ordered 6 bunches of orange mokara orchids but only 5 came along with a random "ugly" color which I absolutely could not use, if we catch the mistake within 24 hours we get a refund, if not, it's our loss. Some flowers have to be wired to hold up in the bouquets, these orchids went in the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. To ensure all table arrangements look the same, an assembly line process is set up. My sister Elise is becoming very skilled at helping. The corsages for this wedding were made of white Dahlias and Red James Storie orchids with a slap bracelet, which has become very popular. I have started labeling the boutonnieres because often times after I pin them all on there are extras that no one knows who they belong to, when they are labeled it's easy to see... the father of the brides still needs his etc. Transportation is always a concern, getting the flowers safely to the event is our top priority. After many ideas we have concluded that stapling the box the vase comes in to a piece of plywood works best for us, it also makes it easy to carry the centerpieces inside, all we have to do is carry the entire board. After we dropped off the flowers my husband, sister and parents all went a mile down the road to Chrysalis winery and relaxed after a weekend of hard work.

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