Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carnation Wedding

Back in May I did an almost all carnation wedding, the bride loved carnations and like most other brides this season she loved the color purple. I did a lot of purple weddings this summer but each one was unique and different, this bride paired purple with ice blue. Unfortunately I never got any professional photos back from this bride so you will all have to suffer through looking at mine.
Bridal Bouquet
I tried to get the bride to include other flowers but she wanted all carnations. I actually really love how it turned out.

Bridesmaids bouquet

My arrangements are the ones on the far left and right, they are completely out of scale for this church and I'm sure people were confused why there were also yellow ones under the altar (one is missing). The ones under the alter were provided by the church and I kept asking the altar attendant who was putting them out, are you sure the bride wants these? and they assured me the bride was ok with it, I hope they were right.

The caters trucks got extremely lost getting to the reception so they had a lot of their wait staff sitting around doing nothing, so my Dad (on the left) asked one if he could help carry in the centerpieces.

I like to place my own centerpieces, that way I can take one last look around and make sure everything looks ok, so I waited for the truck to arrive and the linens to be put on the table. I wish I had a photo with the whole table set, she had pretty silver chargers.

What do you do when your bride asks for a cake topper and you show up and find this? Hmmm... I ended up tearing apart my cake topper and placing flowers on each tier. Only to have the the cake lady (a co-work of the groom who was also a guest) come waltzing in after I was all done. She said, oh I didn't know what to do with the top of the cake so I just threw a bow on it, we can take it off. I was in SHOCK, no we couldn't, I just disassembled my topper and stuck all the flower on the cake. I think I made the flowers a little heavy looking but I wanted to make sure the bride got her money's worth of flowers since she paid for a topper. I kept telling the cake lady, please explain to the bride I didn't want to take the bow off and ruin the cake.

In the car

Table arrangements ready to be put in the car.
My Dad is great at transportation and staples the boxes the vases come in to a board so they don't slide around.
In the cooler: corsage, bouts and the brides bouquet next to a bridesmaids bouquet.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I think with the different variations of color -you don't even need different types of flowers. really beautiful!

Types of flowers said...

Cool bouquets of flowers. I've never seen them.