Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cupcakes and Happiness

Dear Ms. Peanut,
Now that we know you are a girl I've had so much fun imaging how life is going to be with the 3 of us. You are going to be our little princess and Daddy's little girl and we are so excited that we get to meet you in only a few months.... Ahhhhhh only a few months until you get here and I feel like we have made no progress. We just found out today that we didn't get the house we thought we were going to bring you home to and I'm just afraid we are running out time before you get here. Please know your Dad and I are trying hard and even if your stroller is on backorder or we can't find a daycare without a year waitlist we will still love you no matter what. When I felt down today about how behind we are, I went to Oh Happy Day's blog and saw these adorable cupcake kits, I couldn't help but think, someday I'll be able to make them for you and you will just smile back and say "thanks mom, i love you" and it won't matter what house we are in or what stroller you got pushed around in, I'll just look at you and think I'm the luckest girl ever to have you in my life.
I already love you so much


Anonymous said...

How sweet, I hope I can share a cupcake with our little grand peanut. Can't wait. It was fun looking at daycare centers with you today. It will all work out, if they can put 8 babies in a space the size of your living room, you will be fine for a while in your condo.

Sarah Jones said...

somehow i missed a few of your baby related posts, i know some of your anxieties have already been eased since you wrote this, but it's neat to see how much of a mom you already are, before she's even taken her first breath! :) you think you're in love already, just you wait! congrats on all the recent progress on your to do list!