Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Found this and NEEDING it

I was in the Container Store on Sunday and ran into these adorable filing cabinets and I couldn't resist wanting one to hold my jewelry in. I realize they are not glamorous but they are incredibly functional. Currently I use ice cube trays and it's getting really annoying, I seem to always drop them and everything goes flying.

I love how they have draw inserts with different size compartments. This really couldn't be more perfect for me. Now I just have to come up with the $$ to buy one and figure out what color I want. I guess it does help that Container Store has a coupon out.


ArchitectDesign said...

the green one is so you!

mom said...

Laura,do not buy it! You do not have any room for that big thing and you certainly do not have that much jewelry. Remember the hang up jewelry thing you had in college, use that.