Monday, November 03, 2008


"House Wife from hell and her devil husband"

I know I'm a little behind posting about Halloween but I wanted to share a few photos from the party. As usual I didn't get to take that many good shots because I was running around trying to finish last minute things.  Over all I think the Halloween party was a huge success, thank you to all my friends who helped out with the food and drinks and of course coming dressed in some awesome costumes (sorry if I didn't get your pic, there is always next year)  

I wanted to keep it classy and use all real glasses, this was a huge time commitment because I washed all the glasses before and after the party, but I think it was well worth it. 

I love my new punch bowl from Crate and Barrel, it was a great wedding gift!  I served a green punch in it and rimmed the glasses with black sugar. (most people had black mouths the rest of the night, sorry guys) 

I got theses great wine labels from Martha's Halloween line at Michael's. I thought about making them myself but then came to my senses and just bought them.  

We bought dry ice and tried to use it for special effects but it didn't really last that long.  Chris also made sure we had awesome beer, Dead Guy Rogue was the featured beer. 

Ashley and I made these supper easy chocolate covered pretzels, and I served them on one of my favorite Nambe platters

Ashley took on this creative idea from Martha, I think her version looks even better because they are orange :) 

I LOVE carmel apples and I couldn't resist serving them, only 1 person actually was brave enough to eat one, but I did send a couple home with people.  You can also see my attempt at brain mini cupcakes (which was much harder than it looked on Martha) and I made decorated sugar cookies.  
Chris did an amazing job carving our pumpkin, it was the first thing our guest saw when they walked in the door. 

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Be the change..... said...

your costumes are so cute! It looks like a fantastic party, I'm so sorry I was laid up and missed it :-(