Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yellow is the color for Fall

I’m "fall"ing in love with the color yellow. Every time I turn around there it is, bright, bold and in my face. Today I saw this amazing candy table from Amy Atlas on HWTM. Check out the rest of her stuff, truly amazing, I NEED an excuse to throw a party…. Halloween maybe?

While shopping at the new J.Crew in Reston on Monday night I saw this awesome jacket. Love the purse too, but I didnt' see it at the store.

A few photos in my favorites folder on decor pad. There's that yellow again.

First 2 photos by David Jimenez


Be the change..... said...

I could totally see you in that jacket -so cute! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but other than towels, I've never been able to work it into myplace. I think it would look great with my grey walls though! Maybe throw pillows?

Ashley said...

I love the zebra print shoes on the J.Crew model, so hot!!!! I miss my yellow walls, they were so cheery!

Anonymous said...

I am flattered to have seen shots of my home in Palm Springs on your blog. Thank you for the post and the positive comments, I really appreciate it.

I think your blog is terrific! Keep up the great work.